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The Paganella ski area is served by numerous modern ski lifts, connecting all the routes and with an hourly capacity of 27,000 people: two detachable 8-seater gondola lines, five detachable 4-seater chair lifts, four 4-seater chair lifts and three 2-seater chair lifts. The ski area can satisfy the requirements of any Skier thanks to the easy and medium level slopes and the ”black” advanced slopes for more expert skiers.

Beginners can learn the basics on the school fields, 2 of which are on the mountain with the other 2 in town, and there are also games for children. The skiing season is guaranteed from the beginning of December thanks to our artificial snow-making plants covering up to 98% of the area, and by our professional staff attending the slopes. The Paganella Brenta Skipass is also part of the ” Dolomiti Adamello Brenta Skirama”. Cross-country skiers can enjoy the snow at the Andalo sports centre where there are two circuits, one is 3 Km long and lit by night, and the other is a concentric 5 Km route through the woods.


The ski area Paganella offer a new SNOWPARK : (slope DOSSON )












And for the one who doesn't want to ski there are other thousand ways to holiday in mountain: swimming pool, skating, centers comfort (among which the AcquaIN is the Wellness center greater  of the Trentino!).

Experience the magic of a snowy landscape and relax in the tranquility of our mountains. Discover the beauty of the Dolomites by
hiking, horseback riding, or walking around in snow-shoes. You will also be able to reach mountain huts with a snow groomer or with a horse-drawn carriage: from there you will be able to enjoy the white and calm atmosphere of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park.






Alpine skiing
is an activity that has always been undertaken in winter on the Plateau.The pistes for this sport have been developed on the north-west slopes of Mount Paganella, beginning at the 2125 metres of its peak and diving into the green fir woods.
Wide curving trails, featuring constant snow and prepared with great care to be absolutely safe.





The point of excellence of Mount Paganella is the renowned "3-Tre", a piste that has seen unforgettable performances by legendary champions such as Zeno Colò and Celina Seghi, who over 40 years ago started the famous World Cup competition on the slopes of Fai della Paganella.

50 km of snow to excite fans of skiing, snowboard and telemark!




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2 Cablecar

3 Very easy

1330 m


12 Chair lift

4 Easy

5400 m


3 Tapis roulant

12 Intermediate

21500 m



1 Difficult

1200 m



3 Other

3000 m


Straight Box Kids Midi:

Width: 65 cm – Length:2,50 mt – Height: 15 cm

Up n’ Down Box Kids Midi:

Width: 65 cm – Length: 2,50 mt – Height: 15 cm

Kinked Box Kids:                  

Width:65 cm – Length:3,00 mt – Height:15-40 cm

Up Box Easy:                       

Width:65 cm – Length:3,00 mt – Height:15-40 cm

Straight Box Easy:              

Width: 65 cm – Length: 3,65 mt – Height: 40 cm

Up n’ Straight Box Easy:     

Width: 65 cm – Length: 3,00 mt – Height: 30 cm

Kinked Box Medium:            

Width: 45 cm – Length: 7,70 mt – Height: 70 cm

Tube U:                               

Width: 20 cm – Length: 3,50 mt – Height: 80 cm